About Dairy World.

Dairy World is virtual market place that aims to stock everything dairy. You may be thinking about starting a dairy farm, or and need to develop and investment masterplan, or you looking to overhaul or upgrade your cow barn and therefore you need a barn architect, or you are looking to hire a dairy manager, or to buy fodder, or to buy cows, or to buy dairy equipment, or to listen to dairy lessons online at the comfort of your farm house, or to buy some reading materials for dairy or to install a data herd management software, manual dairy recording templates, the list can go on and on.
Dairy world, as a virtual market place takes away the headache of having to wonder where to get the most needed inputs in dairy and while at it, aims to bring you the best deals and provide you with a wide variety of choices. The engine behind dairy world is Perfometer, a respect brand in Dairy Advisory and Consultancy in East Africa.

This idea of dairy world was born out of need, where Perfometer received many enquiries from dairy investors who were looking for all sorts dairy of inputs and services. We do our best to ensure that that this market place keeps growing, the vision is to avail all the items (goods or services) that dairy investors need from time to time. So that you can access them faster and cheaper. Finally, dairy world is not complete without you. Are you buying or are you selling? you are all we need to keep this platform growing. Together, we grow the dairy world