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Seller Name : Palyshio Logistics
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Seller Email : palyshio@gmail.com

Price Per Kg KES : KES. 12.50 at collection yard

Price Per Bale KES : Sold in bales, priced in Kgs.

Amount in Stock : Enough

Average Bale / Kg : 50 – 65kgs per bale.

County : Kiambu

Seller Location : Kikuyu

Transport Availability : No

Maize Silage Description : CowDish is maize silage product supervised from planting to harvesting. The silage is made maize from the full maize plant including the cobs. Regular buyers of CowDish Fodder access other benefits like farm visits by dairy advisors, the supply of milk recording book, on-farm training for the workers, subsidized herd and records management software, and assured supplies. We work in partnership with farms to ensure that that the farm receives the full value of their investment in high quality fodder.

Contact Seller: 0768823905/0722989321